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Product: Kingspave Cobble block paving

Kingspave cobbled block paving collection captures the elegance of nostalgic old world charm. The block paving has a gently distressed surface to achieve that natural weathered appearance. With various colour options with a natural cobbled appearance, there is something to compliment any setting – from a traditional country house to a contemporary dwelling.

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Product: Castlepave Smooth block paving

Dynamic symmetrical lines and technically exact to from elegant sharp joints, Castlepave Smooth Paving delivers a modern, contemporary appearance to any residential, commercial paving project. The range combines outstanding aesthetics with strength, durability and density of colour. With various colour options and a distinctive pencil edge chamfer, Castlepave Smooth paving brick is ideal for any driveway or patio.

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Product: Larchfield Original block paving

For elegance and simplicity, the Larchfield Original standard block paving has the classic rectangular shape. This allows various installation designs that will remain stylish and attractive for years to come. Ideally suited for domestic, commercial or industrial paving applications. Larchfield is durable and long lasting for any heavily trafficked areas.

block paving product selector: larchfield-birch1-140x170 larchfield-brindle1-140x170 larchfield-buff1-140x170 larchfield-chestnut1-140x170 larchfield-damson1-140x170 larchfield-juniper1-140x170 larchfield-maple2-140x170 larchfield-rowen1-140x170 larchfield-sycamore1-140x170

Product: Bracklin block paving

Bracklin paving has the classic rectangular shape but has a gently distressed surface to achieve that natural weathered appearance. With subtle antiqued edges for that timeless look. The Bracklin paving range comes in three colours transforming any modern or traditional property.

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Product: Granite block paving

Granite block paving is an exquisite, elegant paving brick. Capturing the sparkle of the granite will enhance the beauty of your property. Manufactured using natural granite aggregate and shot blasted to expose the natural sparkling granite. Granite Block Paving is one of the most durable and strongest paving blocks, making it ideal for high foot traffic areas for it will last a lifetime. The natural appeal will set any project apart with lasting and distinctive visual warmth.

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Product: Permeable block paving

Permeable Paving has been designed to meet the demands and standards to reduce flood and pollution risk. The extra wide spaces facilitate the flow of water between the layers below. To ensure the correct movement of water, permeable paving needs to be designed and we can advise on a complete system which includes Barleystone Permeable Paving and certified sub-base material. In some situations water can be harvested and filtered for certain house hold and garden use.

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Product: Kerbs

The range is available in both cobbled for the natural weathered appearance or distinctive smooth texture, designed to match any of the paving ranges to achieve that perfect finish. Kerbs are adaptable for use in driveway edges, pathways, flowerbeds and in the construction of steps. They can be installed in various laying directions.

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Product: Paving Circle Kit block paving

Adding a feature circle design to your patio or driveway or patio paving project can dramatically enhance the area. With six colour options, there is a circle to match with any paving job. You can create a minimal feature by blending the colours or maximise the feature with contrasting colours. Be as creative as you like with a circle kit, such as using a circle kit as a garden pond.

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Product: Paving Setts block paving

Paving Setts are small cobbles that are an ideal to add the finishing touch to any paving project.  Their unique non obstructive design ensures underfoot safety whilst the mixed sizes recreate that authentic retro rumbled appearance, making them ideal for borders, to extend circles or to make a curved pathway complimenting any paving.

Cobble-Setts-Birch-140x170 Cobble-Setts-Birch-smooth-140x170 Cobble-Setts-Chestnut-Cobble-140x170 Cobble-Setts-Chestnut-Smooth-140x170 Cobble-Setts-Damson-Cobble-140x170 Cobble-Setts-Damson-Smooth-140x170 Cobble-Setts-Maple-Cobble-140x170 Cobble-Setts-Maple-Smooth-140x170

Areas we cover.

Here is a list of the main areas of Cornwall that our driveway paving and patio service covers within Newquay, Perranporth, Redruth and Truro.